Tuesday, February 17, 2009


so, i just thought i'd write something a little off the wall. you know how when you're texting and the cell phone thinks it's helping you by finishing the word.....well guess what, to me, it's not a help! i was writing the other day sending a text to someone, keep in mind i was trying to send "good deal," well the good went ok, but when i was typing part of deal, DEATH comes up. morbid? yeah, i thought so too....i mean my cell phone is black, maybe it's in mourning. ok that was stupid but....i just thought i'd share

much love

Sunday, January 25, 2009

to joke or not to joke

so, i work at the front desk of a hotel and sometimes i feel more like the complaint department than a front desk clerk. so anyway, i was working last night and a gentleman calls down to the front desk, telling me he has a problem. he said he had hit the "mut" button but yet still heard voices. well of course i started laughing because i thought he was joking and still laughing asked what a "mut" button was. well he ever so seriously said, "ma'am, do not laugh at me." well right when he said that, you know that "physco" music was playing in my head...like what a loony. at any rate, i just hurried up and got him OFF the phone. i just wanted to tell all you blog-0-maniacs....i love my job!

lots of love

Thursday, January 15, 2009

getting older

so, where to begin...i just came to the realization that my cousin is turning 17. SEVENTEEN!!! she is 16 going on 17 la la la la la laaaaaaa.....(you all know the sound of music...love it)

but at any rate, i remember when this girl was born and now she's SEVENTEEN! ahhhhh, am i getting old, or just older...man the ripe old age of 24 is catching up to me

well love you kels,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

OHH...I DID FIND ONE...so for now, it's me and kels...on my blog


so....it's been about a day since i started my blog adventure (i know that sounds corny) but i was gonna make it all pretty and put a picture of me and my wonderful husband on here. WELL.....come to find out, all of our "pretty pictures" got erased from our computer. Was this on accident? I THINK NOT!!! i found out and realized i wouldn't be able to get these memories back so i was kind of TICKED OFF!!! we live and we learn (to watch who's on the computer and who starts deleting things *cough* michael *cough*

oh he didn't do it, but hey, it's me, JAMIE, i gotta blame somebody.....awful huh?

well peeps, lots of love

Monday, January 12, 2009

first post

so, this is my first "BLOG" and i guess i don't know what to write. usually i'm such a talker but seeing as how i just got home and i feel brain-dead....well this is all you're gonna get people!

lots of love